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CA is not just a degree you seek, this course gives you the super amazing skills, it is an prestigious professional degree so the CA Student should study hard so that he/she will clear all the hurdles and to clear this hurdles classes plays a big role in a CA students’ life. In the field of accounting and finance CA is a celebrity and a very high qualified person, to complete your classes within prescribed time is very difficult for a CA students as they have to complete it with their article ship period so time management is also an essential skill to learn for completing the batches. Earlier back days the number of faculties and institutes were very limited for classes, result students does not had many choices they had limited classes and limited Faculties, then lately I got to know about the virtual classes for CA final at Smart Learning Destination where a student gets India’s renowned faculty at affordable prices. At SLD they have both the options like you can copy the lectures in your own laptop/hard disk or you can attend the virtual classes as well. After completing my virtual classes I was satisfied with the concept they had delivered and method of teaching is very interesting. a great teacher is one a student remembers and cherishes forever. Teachers have long-lasting impacts on the lives of their student and after completing my virtual classes from smart learning destination i got to know some amazing faculties and interesting techniques of learning. Here you will definitely get good knowledge about "how to become chartered accountant". the objective of Smart Learning Destination is very clear that is to make studies hurdle free with a paradigm shift from the echelons of age old classrooms to reaching out to students at their doorsteps. According to the faculties experiences as student do more n more practice he/she can perform better in exam. There are many benefits of virtual classes at Smart Learning Destination and to explain why a virtual class rooms can be more effective than a traditional classroom setting there are some of the benefits are given below: • Easy recovery of classes • Increased convenience. • it is undeniable that virtual classroom removed the limitation of time and location, a common challenge in a traditional classroom. • Effective time management • Sharpe digital skills • Affordable prices (lowest of all) • Immediate feedback on exams and tests. • Flexibility • Expanded world view • Asynchronous discussions with classmates • Combination of structure and freedom to enhance the uncommon experience with quality teachers and India’s best faculties at a single platform is available at smart learning destination for both old and new syllabus at all level like CA Praveen jindal, CA Sarthak jain and CA Jai Chawla in financial reporting (for new and old syllabus), for corporate and allied laws and corporate and economic laws CA Darshan Khare, for strategic financial management (for old and new syllabus) CA Praveen Khatod and ca Tarun Mahajan and CA Mayank Kothari ,for advanced auditing and assurance (for old and new syllabus) CA Aseem Trivedi and CA Aarti Lahoti for advanced management accounting and strategic cost management and performance evaluation CA CS CFA Satish Jalan, CA CFA CPA Praveen Khatod and ca cfa cpa Sharad Agrawal, for direct tax laws and international taxation CA Bhanwar Borana and advocate & CA Ashish Goyal and CA Farooq Haque for indirect tax laws (for old and new syllabus) CA Vishal Bhattad and CA Deepak Gupta for inforamtion systems, control and audit CA Jignesh Chheda and CA Bhavana Garg and CA Kunal Agrawal and for elective papers CA Bhanwar Borana and CA Farooq Haque CA Darshan Khare for cs professional avd Sanyog Vyas and Tushar Pahade Neeraj Arora ….they all are India’s best faculties and now it is available at all levels of chartered accountant course (CA) company secretary course (CS) & cost and management course (CMA) like CA Inter, CA Foundation, CA Ipcc, CA CPT, CS Foundation, CS Executive, CS Professional, CMA Inter, CMA Final. The recovery of lectures at Smart Learning Destination is very easy and Smart Learning Destination works on the concept of “how can we best serve the people that matter the most” as it is run by ca final students they have a better understanding of subjects and they know that classes plays a very important role in a CA Students’ life for clarity of concepts. Smart Learning Destination is the largest education e-commerce portal in India, dedicated to help students in identifying the best coaching material and online virtual classes across India for CA/CS/CMA Student. We provide video lectures in pen drive & physical study material the best of packages from the best of institutes at best of prices guaranteed on! Objective of Smart Learning Destination is to make studies hurdle free with a paradigm shift from the echelons of age old classrooms to reaching out to students at their doorsteps. according to the faculties experiences as student do more n more practice he can perform better in exam ,self-study have equal weightage in success in professional exam & it is possible only if we have time for self-studies that we waste in travelling for classes so you can save that time & utilize it for self-studies. There effort ensures that a student gets the best possible help in exam preparation. They have strong track record of serving thousands of students across India. So the motto is very clear learning from the best and smart decision for smart education.

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As we all aware of the course CA and the busy schedule of a CA Student so there concept of Pendrive Classes for CA Final..There are many advantages of Pendrive classes like • You get a freedom to decide your own timetable to view the lectures. Actually, you are carrying it on your laptop and whenever you get free time, you can view it. • You will never miss the lectures due to office commitments, ill health or social commitments etc. • There is no fear of missing the lecture and due to which missing the link of next lectures. I m a ca final student just cleared my 2nd group in last attempt, I think all the ca final student are facing the same problem what I have suffered in past few years i.e 3 years of article ship does not allow so much time so that you can complete your batches in given time and most of the time I have missed my batches due to our station audit and recovery of all the classes was very difficult..then I got to know about “Smart learning destination” pen drive classes for CA CS & CMA for all subjects at all levels by India’s best faculties, I purchased the pen drive classes for ca final, it is very convenient to carry your classes wherever you want and you can watch your lectures whenever you want. Earlier it was very difficult to get quality teachers for each subject due to limited resources but now pendrive video lectures for ca, cs and cma by certified ca faculties and quality teachers at SMART LEARNING DESTINATION like CA Praveen Jindal, CA Sarthak Jain, CA Jai Chawla in FR, for law CA Darshan Khare, for SFM CA Praveen Khatod and CA Tarun Mahajan, for Audit CA Aseem Trivedi and Aarti Lahoti for Cost Satish Jalan, CA Praveen Khatod, for Direct Tax CA Bhanwar Borana and CA Ashish goyal for Idtl CA Vishal Bhattad and CA Deepak Gupta for Isca CA Jignesh Chheda, Bhavana Garg….they all are India’s best faculties. Pen drive classes are very beneficial, you can increase the speed (if you want), there are multiple views available you can watch the pendrive classes for multiple time and now it is available at all levels of CA CS & CMA like inter, foundation, ipcc, cpt SMART LEARNING DESTINATION works on the concept of “how can we best serve the people that matter the most” as it is run by ca final students.

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